"The Farm in the Heart of Lincoln"



Throughout the year CCF hosts a variety of educational programs from adult education classes to preschool group tours.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to operate a working farm that preserves Lincoln’s rural character, highlights the importance of local farming, features Heritage breeds and locally-sourced food, and invites community involvement through educational opportunities and access to this unique historic property.


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Pasture raised, organically fed poultry, pigs and cattle for flavorful eggs, chicken, turkey, pork and beef. New delicious pork cuts cured at New England Charcuterie in nearbye Waltham! Check out other new products in the store since Pete & Jen have come aboard. Request a prepaid Gift Card from Pete@codmanfarm.org for easy holiday shopping!


Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up as a volunteer to collect meat birds out in the field under the stars!

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Harvest Weekend

Saturday evening, September 24th
Farmside Feast
Cocktail hour & dinner: 5:00 pm start
$35 for adults and $15 for children
Purchase Tickets here or call to reserve:  781-259-0456

Sunday, September 25th 1–4 pm
Harvest Fair
Admissions: $8 for Adults and Children
Games, Rooster Run ($5 Entry Fee), Harvest Competition, Exhibits and Crafts, Delicious Treats

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2016 Year End Letter

Codman Community Farms (CCF) is nearing the end of an exciting, transformative year. Our...


This year’s Harvest Feast and Fair is right around the corner! The Farmside Feast,...

Summer 2016 Update

To our membership and customers, Recently you may have heard rumblings about Codman Farm...

Chickens come home to roost—but the roost moves

The rolling chicken coops that are doing double duty as portable fertilizing...

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New Farm Management at Codman Farm

Codman Community Farms welcomed Peter Lowy and Jennifer Hashley of Pete and Jen’s...

Feeding Time at the Farm

Board member Kate does some daily chores at Codman Farm — feeding the chickens,...

Lincoln Cattle Roundup — special coverage by Alice Waugh, The Lincoln Squirrel

Trucks instead of cowboys used in this Lincoln cattle roundup reprinted with permission...

Tamworth/Berkshire-Cross Piglets Join CCF

Our sow gave birth on Monday, October 19. Codman Board members and volunteers kept vigil...

BOOOz in the Barnyard – Halloween Dance Party

http://www.codmancommunityfarms.org/events/tickets/Saturday Night, October 17 Join the...